Not Sad Desk Lunch

Throw a Bagel Party at Work!

December 10, 2013

As a defiant response to Sad Desk Lunches, the Food52 team works to keep our midday meals both interesting and pretty. Each week, we'll be sharing our happiest desk lunches -- and we want to see yours, too.

Today: Throw a bagel party with your coworkers. You won't even have to prep anything at home beforehand. And you get to eat a lot of bagels.


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We are all allowed reclusive meals. There are dinners that need to be eaten in dark restaurant corners and lunches that need to be consumed in the conference room that nobody knows about (or, better, down in storage space B).

But when you do want to commune with others over food, at the office, and you want to call it lunch, here is an idea: Throw a bagel party!

Last week, our brilliant intern Lisa decided to hold a bagel competition: Any interested participants would bring in their favorite bagels, and we would all participate in a blind tasting. Schmear was on the house. At lunchtime we all hovered in the kitchen, sampling bites and taking notes and, in general, eating a lot of bagels. It was a joyful lunch and an easy one, too. No vegetables had to be cooked at home the night before!

I recommend you try this at your own office, both for the morale boost and the delicious, carb-heavy lunch. Just don't be surprised if you find Bob sleeping under his desk at 3 PM.

Photo by Eric Moran

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cookinginvictoria December 10, 2013
Just curious . . . which bagel or bagels was deemed to be the best? So miss New York bagels. :)
Kenzi W. December 10, 2013
Bagel Hole's, of Park Slope -- but Absolute Bagels was a close contender!