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July  2, 2010

Fresh Basil Recipe Contest

Starting Sunday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Recipe Using Fresh Basil.

This is the fifth contest Whole Foods Market will be sponsoring, awarding the winner with a $100 gift card. At the end of this 8-week summer promotion, one of these winning recipe authors will be awarded the Grand Prize: a $1,000 gift card!

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Our longtime partner OXO will continue to award a bounty of kitchen products to the winner and runner-up. So for 8 weeks, we're talking double prizes!


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theicp July 5, 2010
Fantastic theme! I can smell the basil already!
lapadia July 3, 2010
Have a great vacation! PS - an all day "semi-homemade tv marathon" ...I will be laughing about that "scary thought" all day!
Lizthechef July 2, 2010
Glad my vacation stimulated so much chit-chat. Yes, I hiked the NaPali trail, back in the dark ages when I ran the Honolulu Marathon...dr babs, I'd rather watch an all day "semi-homemade" tv marathon than set foot in a helicopter ;)
drbabs July 2, 2010
HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA!! I felt the same way--and I was pretty scared--but you get to see the island in a completely different way, and it's GORGEOUS! (We had too much rain to hike the NaPali coast unfortunately.)
Have a wonderful trip. My husband used to live on Kaui many years ago and still dreams about it. We were there last year and had a great hike on the NaPali Trail. Rocky!!! And I never thought I'd take one of those helicopter rides either, but I agree with drbabs, it was amazing!! Not sure I'll do it again....but it was so beautiful!
gingerroot July 2, 2010
How serendipitous! A gardener friend just gave me an armful of basil cuttings from an overgrown plant and here I was wondering what I was going to do with it all...
Amanda H. July 4, 2010
We look forward to finding out what happened to it all.
Lizthechef July 2, 2010
Hi, monkeymom - Kauai ...
monkeymom July 2, 2010
Have a wonderful time! it's the end of mango season...
drbabs July 2, 2010
Hi Liz--I was in Kauai in April--have a great time! It's beautiful there. Take a helicopter ride!
Lizthechef July 2, 2010
Sorry to miss a great theme. Off on vacation this weekend. Garden's full of the stuff too...Aloha, Liz
monkeymom July 2, 2010
Liz, what island are you going to? I'm in Oahu and the farmer's markets are fantastic!
dymnyno July 2, 2010
Oh...the water is so warm in Hawaii at this time of the year!! Kauai has the best watermelons that I have ever ever tasted now! We get a few over on Maui and I dream about them the rest of the year.
gingerroot July 2, 2010
Have a fabulous trip Lizthechef! I'm from Oahu and Kauai is heavenly. Have you ever kayaked/hiked the Na Pali coast?

And to monkeymom, have you been to the Saturday FM at KCC near Diamond Head? It is very popular (crowded) these days but one of my favorites. Lots of delicious things to eat in addition to local specialties.
monkeymom July 2, 2010
Yes gingerroot! That tomato pizza is my favorite. We are going tomorrow to try the Ono pops, I can't wait. Any other places to go to get some local stuff to take home? I was hoping to find Hawaiian vanilla...
gingerroot July 2, 2010
Monkeymom, that pizza is my favorite too. Especially for breakfast! I will send you a message if I think of any other places...enjoy the rest of your trip!
monkeymom July 3, 2010
thanks gingerroot. The 'send me a message' link doesn't work for me so if you do think of anything, please post here.
gingerroot July 3, 2010
Hi, monkeymom, I found a Hawaiian vanilla source for you. Are you familiar with Ward Warehouse? There is a store there, Executive Chef, and they carry Hawaiian vanilla. There is also a local egg store, Ka Lei Marketplace, in Kaimuki that carries Ali`i Kula Lavender products, mac nut oil and other local preserves. Have fun at the FM tomorrow - I have yet to try an OnoPop, but I used to work with one of the owners. It's a small world and even smaller island! Aloha, Jenny
monkeymom July 3, 2010
You are so fantastic! Thanks so much! Can't wait to explore these places tomorrow!
aargersi July 2, 2010
Hooray! My basil needs serious picking, now I will get off my duff and do it!!!