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July 16, 2010

Your Best Beef Burgers

Starting Sunday at midnight, you can start submitting entries for Your Best Beef Burgers.


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kennyg July 18, 2010
Just in time , I can t make a burger to save my life.
bergamotdreams July 18, 2010
pierino July 17, 2010
First, I'm glad we won't be suffering through turkey burgers and salmon burgers. BUT does the beef necessarily have to be ground?? Or may we mess around with it in other ways as the French would?
Merrill S. July 18, 2010
As long as they're beef and would be considered a burger, you're good to go.
Jewels July 17, 2010
Have an eternal love affair with burgers!
mrslarkin July 16, 2010
Q: Are these burgers required to be all-beef patties?
Amanda H. July 16, 2010
Predominantly, yes.
Amanda H. July 16, 2010
Or maybe I didn't understand your question -- are you asking if you can add other meats or other flavors?
mrslarkin July 16, 2010
Other meats.
Amanda H. July 16, 2010
Yes, you can add other meats, but it should be predominantly beef.
Serene July 16, 2010
Me, too! Exciting!
Amanda H. July 16, 2010
We look forward to your entry!
Kaitlin W. July 16, 2010
I think I'll be entering for the first time this week! Eee!
Amanda H. July 16, 2010
Great -- join the party!
Serene July 16, 2010