Do I need a slow cooker?

A couple of my friends love their slow cooker. I have a pressure cooker. Do I still need it. I have a small apartment with. Is it worth to sacrifice some space to kitchen for that?



Greenstuff December 11, 2011
i know I've seen that other people on this site like them, but like bigpan and Sam1148, I have never wanted a slow cooker. I don't think they produce as good a dish as a very slow oven and and a ceramic or enameled cast iron pot. My only electronic "trick" for cooking while I'm not home has been a rice cooker, and I have liked having it..
Sam1148 December 10, 2011
I'd say no, I think most things in a slow cooker turn out rather muddled. Chicken even dries out into rubber. You might better results...but a dutch oven and attention works better for me.
A pressure cooker is superior for stews, and quicker healthier cooking.

Also slow cookers leach out and destroy some vitamins. Especially B and A vitamins.
bigpan December 10, 2011
I have wrestled with this for years and still end up using my dutch oven on low heat on the burner, or slow and low in the oven(eg 225F). Mind you, you have to be home to keep an eye on it.
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