Cleaning a microplane grater

Seriously, I know I have better things to do than pick tiny shreds of ginger out of my microplane grater. There's got to be some trick, some ingenious thing I haven't thought of. Along the lines of running rice through your spice grinder to clean it. I'm never getting the last 8 minutes of my life back!!!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • December 12, 2011


Esther P. December 13, 2011
I rinse mine as soon as I've finished using it, and use a brush in the direction of the grater to get rid of any litte bits. I think it's when you leave things to dry out on the grater that you have a problem, as by then it's crusted on... I'm not a "wash as you go" person for anything else in the kitchen, apart from graters!
Sam1148 December 12, 2011
Another comment. Consider ditching the grater. Get a "wood rasp" cheep from a hardware store, much eaiser to clean...just let it dry out and brush then wash.

For ginger, I use a Japaneese ginger grater. A cheap one, metal with little teeth and a indention at the bottom to collect the liquid. A it cleans up very easily with a spray of water.
I find the little collection trough for the liquid of grating ginger especially useful.
em-i-lis December 12, 2011
Sam1148 December 12, 2011
Act preemptively. Put a layer of plastic wrap around the grater before you grate.
Everything should lift off when you're finished.

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susan G. December 12, 2011
I've also been frustrated, especially with ginger. I've found it grates so much better when the ginger is frozen (thanks to the previous questions about storing ginger -- that's been the best solution of that issue, thanks to food52!). Then, getting it clean -- after getting all the ginger out that I reasonably can (it you're adding liquid to the dish, pour it over the microplane), then I put it aside to dry. When it has dried it clears much more easily. I guess it expands when wet, shrinks when it dries. A little discreet banging, some brushing, fingers in the direction what won't grate your fingers... then I give up, even though it's not perfect. Neither am I.
bigpan December 12, 2011
I too use a toothbrush for little picky things to clean.
Niknud December 12, 2011
See, I KNEW it! I'm never going to doubt the power of Food52! Thanks Panfusine and vvvanessa. This is a genius section of the website and SUCH an invaluable resource for me.
Panfusine December 12, 2011
a baby/toddler toothbrush works!
vvvanessa December 12, 2011
soak it in hot water to get the ginger good and loose. i firmly rub the scrubby side of a sponge on both sides of the grater in the direction of the blades (which is to say not against the blades). sometimes it helps to do this with the microplane submerged in the hot water.
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