Recommendations to use up spices

Cleaning out the spice rack, and I need suggestions for using up chinese five spice powder and juniper berries (not necessarily together).



Bevi June 14, 2013
Use a bit of 5 spice powder to perk up either a homemade blueberry or peach jam, and also chutney.
Thanks everyone! Lots of great suggestions!!!
pierino June 13, 2013
I'll defer on the five spice suggestions to the other experts. But I do love using juniper berries with braised pork or even better, wild boar. Wild boar you can find farm raised now. But you could also cut up country style pork ribs. I would do a braise with basic aromatics plus tomatoes, fennel seed or pollen, peppercorn, crushed juniper berry and so on. A splash of wine is good in there.
Elizabeth R. June 13, 2013
You could use up some of your juniper by making mock aquavit or infused schnapps.
amysarah June 13, 2013
I basically use juniper berries for one thing: gravlax. Heaven. Here's the excellent Molly O'Neill's version of Aquavit's recipe, which uses gin: and another using vodka and brown sugar (closer to how I do):
ZombieCupcake June 13, 2013 This is one of my favorite salmon recipes to use up Chinese 5 spice
HalfPint June 13, 2013
Make some bathtub gin with the juniper berries,
Kristen W. June 13, 2013
I also had a five spice ice cream once that was pretty good.
Kristen W. June 13, 2013
Toss chicken wings in some flour with the five spice powder mixed in, broil or roast on high heat until crispy, then toss in a honey ginger soy hot pepper sauce mixture, then stick back under broiler for a minute or two for yummy Asian style wings!
savorthis June 13, 2013
For our wedding we gave out packets of the five spices in whole form with a recipe for a slow cooked chicken. You could easily dredge the chicken with five spice and flour, brown, then braise. I also love a five spice squid or quail. hardlikearmour, that suggestion for the juniper and cucumber sounds great and refreshing....I will have to try that during this hot weather!
drbabs June 13, 2013
I LOVE 5 spice powder with chocolate. here's an easy recipe for spicy chocolate cake: (The salt on the top got mixed reviews, so go easy on it.)
aargersi June 13, 2013
I just had these AMAZEBALLS pickled blackberries (served with some fancy pantsy pate) that were in a mild pickle but with a distinct whiff of juniper. I intend to reverse engineer them soon ...
I use 5 spicy in my Texas Sweet Heat Caramel Pretzles and also in jams when I want a spicy version (plum in particular)
Lindsay-Jean H. June 14, 2013
Wow, those blackberries sound incredible!
Thanks hardlikearmour! Love the simple syrup idea, as we've just gotten into cocktails more.... and the fruit crisp topping sounds fab, once the stone fruit starts coming out at the greenmarket I will definitely try that...
healthierkitchen June 13, 2013
5 spice is delicious with cherries
hardlikearmour June 13, 2013
I love 5-spice powder. Try using it in a streusel topping for a fruit crisp or to replace cinnamon or other "warm" spices in a recipe for baked goods. I'd consider using the juniper berries to infuse a simple syrup for cocktails or sodas, maybe with some cucumber and citrus. I've also had a really delicious braised pork shoulder with juniper berries.
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