How best to store shrimp until next day?!

I'm roasting some shrimp to serve cold with romesco -- the following day. How should I store them in the fridge overnight? In Tupperware? On a plate under foil or plastic wrap? I'm not going to give my office food poisoning, am I?

  • Posted by: AAK
  • December 14, 2011


Greenstuff December 14, 2011
Roasted shrimp will be fine in the refrigerator overnight. In a container or on a covered plate--either way will be fine.
ejm December 14, 2011
If they are roasted then the ice water will not work. If they have been boiled then yes, ice water with a slice or two of lemon is always good
ejm December 14, 2011
Personally I would put them in a covered container in the fridge. You should be fine
Erica6228 December 14, 2011
In ice water in the fridge
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