A question about a recipe: Plum Sauced Pork Tenderloin

Any substitutes for plums considering its not plum season and nearly impossible to find any?

Danny Mallory


creamtea December 28, 2011
I know you already tried the recipe with prunes. Here we can also get dried Santa Rosa plums-dark red and tart but fruity, and different than regular prunes. They may be available near you (you may have to add a little sweetness to the recipe though).
Danny M. December 18, 2011
Amanda, I took your advice and used dried prunes. The sauce was not bad at all. I'm eager to make this when plums are available, but this was fine. I do though think that simmering for 45 was a bit much; came out a little dry. Thanks for the advice everyone!
Amanda H. December 28, 2011
Sorry I didn't think to tell you to reduce the simmering time. Definitely do that next time. Also, did you add any liquid? If not, I'd also do that. Thanks for giving it a try!
MrsWheelbarrow December 17, 2011
Prunes - my first thought, too. How about supplementing the liquids with plum jam and omitting or reducing the sugar?
Danny M. December 17, 2011
Awesome, thanks! Also, the store here has dried prunes. How much worse are they than fresh ones if I hydrate them?
Amanda H. December 17, 2011
They should work fine -- let us know how it turns out!
Amanda H. December 17, 2011
We made the version you see in the photo, and while it was great with plums, I think it would also be good this time of year with prunes -- if you can find nice plump ones. You might need to add some liquid to the sauce, either just water or red wine.
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