What makes my hot fudge sauce get grainy??

It seems fine until it cools off and is reheated...



Sam1148 December 27, 2011
I'm not sure if this applies to a chocolate sauce. But, in general with chocolate, cooling quickly causes large grains to form.
If you're cooling the sauce down quickly it will form large grains. Bring the heat down very, very slowly. Maybe even keeping in the oven at superlow and turning off the oven element. Also note that 'quick' is very relative term when working with chocolate.
Beanie December 27, 2011
Add cold butter and mix in a food processor
bigpan December 27, 2011
Maybe not enough "fat", try adding some butter.
sdebrango December 27, 2011
Maybe when you re-heat it overcooks the chocolate. If its smooth and creamy until it is reheated the problem seems to lie there. I am not 100% on that just a thought. I know if my chocolate is over heated it gets grainy it can be very finicky.
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