Caul Fat?

signed up to test Korean Crepinettes, need a quick answer to where to find caul fat in the NYC area. On staycation and can travel a bit.



luvcookbooks January 1, 2012
Just an update. Went to Chelsea Market yesterday and found Dicksons Meat often has caul fat or barding fat (a substitute recommended in a previous caul fat food pickle) but not yesterday, New Year's Eve not being the ideal day to hunt an obscure ingredient. The very kind butcher sliced me some pancetta and sold me a pound of pork belly (lean pork belly is not a known entity, it turns out, at least at Dicksons Meat). Also made a foray to Little Korea on 32nd street near Broadway to get the hot red pepper paste and pickled shiso leaves. Good times and so happy to be participating in Charcutepalooza (sort of).
Merrill S. December 30, 2011
Jeffrey's in Essex Market might also have it.
MrsWheelbarrow December 30, 2011
Ask your local butcher. Call dicksons meat in Chelsea markets or fleishers
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