I rendered a small amount of duck fat and made cracklings yesterday. A good percentage of the raw material was duck meat, which I separated from the skin before rendering. So now I have about 4+ ounces of raw duck meat in a container in the fridge and maybe half a cup of the cooked and strained duck fat. It's probably just enough meat to season with herbs, then sauté in either oil or the duck fat to further flavor the stuffing, or else to simmer in duck fat, "quick rillette-style" just to use on toast for a small family meal later. Does anyone have suggestions for what to do with it? Will it get "lost" in the stuffing? I don't want to waste it. There's not a lot of fat attached...

  • Posted by: creamtea
  • November 20, 2017


amysarah November 20, 2017
You could do a version of this Venetian tagliatelle with duck confit (simmer the meat in the fat) for maybe 2 people, or 4 as a first course: You could also mix it with porcini mushrooms for a killer ravioli filling.
cratecooking November 20, 2017
Yes, I think it would get lost in the stuffing. 4 ounces is a small amount. I would sear it to medium-rare, thinly slice it, and maybe serve on some crostini? It would be delicious with a little cranberry sauce, or maybe a small version of this recipe
cory C. November 20, 2017
Not a bad problem to have! I'd simmer in the duck fat & do a quick rillette, then smear on some crostini for a little appetizer.
Nancy November 20, 2017
Not sure what you're worried about losing in the stuffing. All 3 items (the cracklings, raw duck meat & duck fat) will enhance your stuffing.
On the otherhand, if you like the flavors, keep them for a "cook's portion" snack...e.g. omelette or crepes with duck-meat filling, potatoes roasted with duck fat, a glass of red wine on the side, as you continue to make Thanksgiving magic.
creamtea November 20, 2017
Nancy, you made me laugh! I needed a reminder that this whole process can be pleasurable for the cook as well as the guests! (breathes)
Lindsay-Jean H. November 20, 2017
Hi Lisanne - here's a previous thread on duck fat that you might want to scroll through for ideas: and one of my coworkers sees this farm at the farmers market and passed on their website with recipes:
creamtea November 20, 2017
Hi Lindsay-Jean!
I guess I wasn't clear: it's actually the small amount of raw meat that I'm not sure what to do with now.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 20, 2017
Ah, gotcha. I know duck is very flavorful, but I would worry that it would get lost in the stuffing and would lean towards your idea to have it on toast for a small family meal later.
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