Every time I click to contests I can see below corner ''This contest is closed'' I am not sure Is there any contest live now in food52 ?

When is the next contest start?



Panfusine January 21, 2012
Great to see you back on F52 Pauljoseph!
susan G. January 21, 2012
Pauljoseph, Happy to see you here again!
pierino January 21, 2012
In a way it's a good thing that contests are biweekly now in that I can catch my breath and think about my own menus rather than chasing a contest deadline.
Greenstuff January 21, 2012
Have you been away?? We've missed your input.
sdebrango January 21, 2012
Hi pauljoseph, the latest contest closed Thursday it was the citrus contest. The new contest I think will be announced on Wednesday and as in all contests close the following Thursday 11:59PM EST. Hope you are well, nice to see you here.
sdebrango January 21, 2012
Oh and the contests are bi weekly now not weekly.
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