Contest start dates/timelines

Ok, please forgive me when I ask for these clarifications...I know you guys are so very busy with the site upgrades and the launch of the book...but...

I'm still confused about the contest timing. I understand the contest entry has been lengthened (hallejuah!) to two weeks, but is there a week off in between as well? for example, the candy contest ended last Thursday...when does the new one get posted?

Of course I went to your contest info button but it is really out of date again since the ipad topics are over...

Here's how: each Friday between now and September 2011, we'll solicit recipes for different themes (e.g. Your Best Shrimp Recipe, Your Best Chilled Soup, Your Best Summer Cocktail). You'll have until midnight the following Thursday to submit your recipes.

and which day AFTER the contest ends are the recipes announced that we can test for community picks? Is that posted under the articles tab? or news? or contests?



dymnyno November 2, 2011
How can this question have 4 answers and no "views". Doesn't answering a question count as a view? When will "views" come back for recipes?
Panfusine November 2, 2011
Peter had addressed a the issue of '# of views' earlier.. they're working on it, and it should be up in due course
Panfusine November 1, 2011
The consolidation of the Dibs calling CPs & F52 CPs is a great idea..just like the original format..
francesca G. November 1, 2011
inpatskitchen, are you looking for a job? Honestly that was a much clearer breakdown that even we could have laid out! Thank you! The only date that has been hopping around a bit is the announcement of Community Picks (either Thursdays or Fridays). Instead of there being two Community (formerly Editors') Picks posts each week -- both dibs calling and announcement of selected Editors' Picks from the last week -- there is now a single CP post each week, either dibs-calling or photographed Community Picks and Community-tested CP's as well.
inpatskitchen November 1, 2011
Francesca, I would love a job with FOOD52 if only I were a programmer or software developer extraordinaire to help you get the bugs out of this new site re design. Unfortunately I am not, but do hope I get notifications, comments on recipes and threads I've contributed to soon! (LOL) Other than that, I am sort of getting the hang of the new changes!

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inpatskitchen November 1, 2011
Lori: I think new contests start every other Wednesday and then end eight days later on Thursday night. I believe there will be a new contest tomorrow, Nov 2 with a deadline of Nov 10. Finalists would be announced on the 17th and community picks for testing announced on the 17th or 18th. At least that seems to be the way it's been going so far.
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