Cooking for 75 people this summer need appetizer suggestions. Event will be outside

  • Posted by: middlej
  • January 26, 2012


middlej January 27, 2012
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AntoniaJames January 27, 2012
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middlej January 27, 2012
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ChrisBird January 27, 2012
Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for stuffed peppers (with capers, tomatoes, etc.) Recipe here. I have done big parties with these using baby peppers (here). By big parties, I mean I have done them 100 at a time. They are nice because they are small, tasty, intense and are best eaten at room temp.

Serve on small pieces of toast. They are 2 bite wonders......
lloreen January 27, 2012
Do you have access to an oven at the site? If not, I like the idea of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls skewered with basil or marinated in basil oil...if you have some people to help you chop, vegetarian spring rolls are really easy and look impressive. just wrap them with a damp paper towel and plastic wrap to keep moist and serve with a cashew dipping sauce.
You could do the roasted harissa and creme fraiche crostini from this site (toast the baguette at home and assemble when you get to the site.).
I like Merril'l's recipe for smoked salmon mousse too. I served it piped onto cucumber rounds. You could also just put it in a pretty glass bowl with sliced rye bread and cucumber spears and let everyone help themselves.
middlej January 26, 2012
Thank's to all of you that has appreciate it
This event is for a reshersal dinner for my son's wedding. My husband and I are doing the dinner (no problem) it is a BBQ. We do a little catering on the side so use to it. But I usually am not asked to do appetizers. I will be perparing everything at home and then transporting it 30 min away.
nutcakes January 26, 2012
Is this seated app's, passed app's or buffet style? Do you want one or two bite nibbles or something plated or do you mean hors d'oeuvres? Also, is there any theme to the rest of the food (Luau, Cal-Med, BBQ?)
nutcakes January 26, 2012
Oh and for questions of this kind, Martha Stewart hors d'oeuvres is fantastic.
AntoniaJames January 26, 2012
My sister planned and pulled off (magnificently) an outdoor wedding reception for about 200 when my niece married a few years ago. She had me help her prepare some appetizers made from dates stuffed with blanched almonds, then wrapped in bacon. They were cooked at a high temperature in the oven for however long it took to cook the bacon, before the reception began, and then served at room temperature (I think). I was so busy catching up with my Aunt Kathy that I did get to taste one -- they vanished immediately -- but I did hear on good authority that they were outstanding. And easy to make. You could enlist a reliable teenager to help you assemble them the day before. ;o).
inpatskitchen January 26, 2012
Sounds like you'll be extremely busy with that many people. I'd suggest appetizers that can be made ahead. Do a search on this site for "appetizers", 'snacks" and "hor's doevres". You'll find many!

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llacim January 26, 2012
Caprese kebabs: mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil, and optional prosciutto skewered and drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

Little crab cakes topped with a spicy aioli.

Chicken satay w/ peanut dipping sauce.

Cheese plate- a classic but a good one: Humboldt Fog, Manchego, Taleggio, White Cheddar, fig spread, apples, raw almonds, baguette, and crackers.

White bean bruschetta.

Little toasts topped with goat cheese, fig spread, and prosciutto.
MarcusV January 27, 2012
Caprese kabobs is such a cool idea.
Sam1148 January 26, 2012
How about endive leaves stuffed with this Mandarin orange rice salad?

That might be more a salad course tho.
What else is on the menu? And would you have access to a kitchen?
babycakes16 January 26, 2012
Try a crab Rangoon or Ruben dip ( hint: both are on epicurious)
icedrag0n76 January 26, 2012
Try baking brie cheese covered in honey or mix Stilton cheese with cream fraiche, chopped parsley. Make a paste and add on top of some sliced beguetta and bake till the bread is toasted and paste melts.
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