Appetizers you can make in a pinch

We recently shared a roundup of smart (Genius, even) and simple starters that can be whipped up in almost no time at all (check them out right here:, and we're curious to hear from you: What are the appetizers you rely on when time is short and the ingredients on hand are less than plentiful?

Emily Kochman


HalfPint May 20, 2021
My sardine pate, It's a pantry item for the most part and it takes less than 5 minutes to blitz in a food processor and serve.
Emily K. May 20, 2021
Such a good one, and so quick, too!
Nancy May 19, 2021
Your question says both "in a pinch" (headline) and "quickly" (intro note).
So I'm leaning towards the "in a pinch" part.
Any carb base you have in the house with any compatible topping, such as
* bruschetta, olive oil, garlic, tomato;
* mini baked or round potatoes with a dairy topping;
* cheese board with crackers;
* spaghetti aglio olio (maybe served in little cups).
Emily K. May 19, 2021
Thanks, Nancy! Love the concept of carbs + toppings as a foundation for appetizer building.
Kristen W. May 19, 2021
Radish wedges with butter and salt, good cheese and bread, a radish top pistou to drizzle on any/all of it. Maybe some grapes? Hmm, that’s starting to sound like lunch!

Feta mixed with honey, good bread, dried figs, walnuts or pecans (toasted if there’s a little time, spiced and toasted if there’s a little more time). Maybe a little arugula tossed in a simple vinaigrette as well.

Blistered shisito or pardon peppers with salt, good bread and cheese, olives.
Nancy May 19, 2021
Oh yes, buttered radishes are a great treat!
Emily K. May 19, 2021
Wow, so many appetizers we'd happily eat. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!
Erin S. May 18, 2021
Ooh, my favorite is dates (split open and remove the pit), then stuff with a slice of sharp cheese (parmesan, manchego, aged cheddar), a thin slice of celery (optional), and top with olive oil, flaky salt, and paprika!
Emily K. May 18, 2021
Quick, simple, and the perfect bite!
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