When making homemade pierogi do you have to boil them first if you are planning on sautéing them in butter ?

My recipe says to boil and serve. However, when I used to buy freshly made pierogi I would just toss them in a pan with butter and cook them. Can't remember if they appeared to have been boiled first or not.

  • Posted by: JenS
  • January 28, 2012


thirschfeld January 28, 2012
In Asian cooking they will often sear the dumpling in oil or butter then add water, cover the pot and steam them. With pierogi I have always boiled, drained, cooled then sauteed.
JenS January 28, 2012
Oh, thank you SO much for the answer!! The dough is now resting so I was hoping to find to find out before it was ready to go. This recipe makes 5 dozen and there's only 3 of us so we should have plenty...should!! ; ) Thanks again for your help...it's really appreciated!
bigpan January 28, 2012
I always boiled first, toss in butter while still warm. Pan fry with some chopped onion until crispy. That's the way my Ukrainian mom did it. Warning though - make extra!
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