My trip to walmart, is walmart changing it's act?

I was amazed at the quality of produce they had, While some might have other options. there are only 3 supermarkets near me. The Whole Foods is a bit away. The Publix is nearby. However at Wal-mart, they had mayer lemons for 2.50 for 3lb. Publix 3 lemons for 1.99. Other veggies were labeled as locally sourced.
Still, when I go, I just want to flee as soon as possible.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • January 30, 2012


SKK January 31, 2012
Once again Sam started an interesting thread. Great background susan g! Also thought you may be interested in who owns organic foods these days. Source: n


Boca Foods
Back to Nature


Naked Juice


Cascadian Farm
Muir Glen


Morningstar Farm
Bear Naked


Honest Tea


Earth’s Best
Soy Dream
Rice Dream


Dagoba Chocolate


Dove Organic
Seeds of Change


Nature’s Farm

Berts Bees
susan G. January 31, 2012
A word from a former owner of a small independent health food store: One issue that concerned me that changed greatly in the 30 years we were in business is the democratization of healthy food and the price we pay for it. There are complex issues here! My goal was to see that affordable and high quality food was available to a broad stratum, socially and economically. Natural foods went into supermarkets, followed by organics. Larger stores began to dominate the natural food market, now primarily Whole Foods. The paradox was that the supermarkets and WF's sucked up the consumer business, weakening the independent stores by their sometimes bullying tactics. Standards for 'natural foods' weakened, so organic white sugar and cocoa-puff knockoffs became acceptable. The commercial success with some level of the population brought Wal-Mart into the picture -- never one to lose an opportunity for excess profit, often at the expense of the producers and the community. Pendulum swings again, as we see the strengthened place of Farmers' Markets and CSA's in the picture. SO -- support your local producers and other local businesses as much as you can, as much as you can afford.
Sam1148 January 31, 2012
That's a great point. We used to have lots of roadside veggie/fruit stands...but they almost all closed 10 years ago.
Now, even with a wal-mart nearby and and WF about 15mins away. They're opening back up.
Although not in winter. But when corn, and tomato and peach season swings in; they're packed.
monimoni January 31, 2012
Walmart is less $ on Perdue boneless indv wrapped chicken. 8.99 at sweetbay and publx only $6.50 at walmart
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 31, 2012
Random comment here from CT: Since Whole Foods moved into my small town, the town farmer's market is not as "full" of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers as it once was. They tell me they sell it first to WF, then the restaurants and then us at the farmer's market. It been slim pickin's at times. My Walmart (not my favorite place in the world) only sells milk, eggs, juice; never been to a Walmart with fresh food. Target, I hear has a supermarket one town over and hear the prices are very good but don't know about where their food is sourced and the parking is horrendous, plus its not free.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 31, 2012
After reading this thread I realized that my farmer's market prices have increased since WF opened. Could it be to subsidize the contract with WF?
SKK January 31, 2012
Walmart is changing its act

Also, Gary Hirshberg CEO of Stonyfield (organic) Yogurt was the first major organic player to get into Walmart. He took a lot of heat for it. (By the way, he stepped down as CEO Jan. 12)

As much as I hate to admit it, when I have been traveling in the mid-west and some places in the south, Walmart has been the best go to place for healthy foods. Costco is carrying more organic now, also.

I don't know if it is a matter of giving in, as allans says. I have issues with Whole Foods also - farm raised salmon, costs etc. But if you don't have a lot of choices you take what is there.

Sam1148 January 31, 2012
It is a devil in your bed room. So to speak.

Walmart isn't the best corporate place to shop. However, like you say, it can be only game in town. Is this good for local people...probably no, but maybe yes.
But in places I travel to, even in a "Mayberry" idealistic world...there would be nothing. You're not going to find a Whole foods in bumfark Alabama, or even a veggie stand 'out of season'. Yet those stands, still exist on the road side (in season). And do quite well, and locals purchase those foods. But can't find siriachi sauce except at wal-mart. (that surprised me too).

The meat and fish there is really bad (well low quality non-local) tho IMHO. I was just surprised that the local one near me, is purchasing local veggies, in mass..and isn't this the goal for 'fresh food' to the table items. Or is 'fresh food to the table' is something only a certain class of people should enjoy?

SKK January 31, 2012
The other thing I wonder about is are the food producers themselves able to make a profit? Walmart is pretty tough on their suppliers. Fresh food to the table is to be enjoyed by everyone and also to have our food growers be able to have a profit. (Not talking about BigAg here.)
Sam1148 January 31, 2012
Good point SKK.
I would think they if weren't making a profit selling to wal-mart for their local food they wouldn't do it.

Tho, we do all know how much profit goes to the store (even Whole Foods)..instead of the suppliers.
The road side stands here are great, but not year round. I'll purchase local from them when available.
However, the quanities are far too much for me as a just being me and partner in the home.
I'll can/freeze something. And roadside stands is were we get corn in the summer.

SKK January 31, 2012
Sam, you just answered the question - "Should I get my dehydrator out?"

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allans January 30, 2012
Your instinct to flee is sound. If we give in to them, soon it will be our only choice.
Sam1148 January 30, 2012
Well, that's true on a level. However for organic choices near me, it's an option. As a corporate entity whole foods isn't that much better on policies for employees etc.
The publix supermarket has much better meats, and the whole food is best for seafood. It just surprised me that they were locally sourcing veggies, sweet onions, winter veggies..and some fruits. (Well, if you call california clementines, more 'local' than Publix far more expensive ones shipped over seas from spain, as fruits are well out of season here)
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