Alton Brown says you can "par bake" his pizza crust but not for how long or how dark. Any suggestions?



barbara G. February 11, 2012
I always Par bake. My thin crust is rolled out to 16 inches round. Pre bake at 425 for better cooking control of the oven. I check frequently as the dough will slightly stiffen and the crust can be moved across the pan. In about 5 minutes, it's ready for toppings. If you line your pan with cornmeal, like I do, you will notice the crust will easily slide onto your pizza spatula and the bottom of your crust will be slightly golden. Thank you. Barbara,
MrJDanger February 1, 2012
Par cook it for 3-5 minutes but make sure it's cool when u go te re-heat

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chef O. February 1, 2012
I often pre-bake my pizza dough when I'm cooking them on the grill because I find the bottoms get too burned otherwise. I use a 1/2" piece of steel cut to the size of the grill as a flat top but a pizza stone would work too. I cook one side for 2-3 mins until it's slightly browned or about 3/4 of the way done. Then I flip the dough and cook the other side slightly less - this will become the "down-side" when I finish the pizza. The crust will be firm but not completely done. I then top and re-bake for about 5 mins until the cheese is bubbly and gooey (this will depend on the heat of your grill/oven). Pre-baking this way allows you to use mroe and/or wetter ingrediants and also makes preparing multiple pies easier as they come off the grill all done in waves of 5 mins.
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