How to get deep golden brown soft crust on Brioche

Hello everyone!
I made some brioche by chefsteps website's recipe. I followed each and every steps very carefully. Passed the window pane test. But my buns were pale color browned. I egg washed it before baking but nothing had happened.
Next batch, I baked long to get that color. I got that color but then my crust became hard.
How can I get deep golden brown soft crust without overbaking it.
Also tell me perfect temperature and timing for buns.
If I add honey or sugar in egg wash, will it create hard crust on buns?

Manisha Agrawal
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1 Comment

Nancy December 8, 2017
For results & from experience, I recommend Julia Child's brioche recipe (in many of her books and online).
For science, I recommend either Rose Levy Beranbaum's brioche recipe and/or comparing hers and Child's to the one you used.
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