Whole Chicken to Room Temp?

Want to do Chef Thomas Keller's simple roast chicken. He says he lets it come to room temp but doesn't say how long or how that should be accomplished. His bird and mine are about 3 lbs. It has defrosted in the fridge for the past couple of days, but how long should it be out to come to temp and safely be able to use.



BurgeoningBaker February 10, 2012
Seems to have been fine. I've eaten a drumstick and nothing bad so far. Next part of this question.. The chicken came with the neck (detached but inside the cavity). I did not roast it with the rest of the chicken. Can I still put it in with the carcass to make stock or does it need to be cooked first?
passifloraedulis February 10, 2012
You can put it in with the carcass to make stock. Bringing the water to boil (before you reduce to a simmer) will take care of it.
Melanie,Sodini February 9, 2012
Alice waters says to let the chicken sit for 1
Hour to get to room temp before cooking.
Mr_Vittles February 9, 2012
Two hours is fine, three max. Four is no good, as dictated by the food temperature safety zone.
BurgeoningBaker February 9, 2012
Okay thank you for the feedback. I was thinking 2 hours as that is how much dough needs and weights are almost the same (at least for my baking). I hope the bird is still good. I guess the smell will be pretty hard to miss if not good. Bought bird from farmer's market.
boulangere February 9, 2012
Don't be afraid to let it sit, covered, for a couple of hours.
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