I was given some goya guava paste. what type of dessert can I do with this?

  • Posted by: Dee4
  • February 13, 2012


aargersi February 27, 2015
I have made these several times, they are VERY good:

Panfusine February 26, 2015
I serve it with cheese and crackers, it has a firm texture that makes it amenable to slicing thin.
amysarah February 26, 2015
It's good with cheeses (Manchego, cheddar, etc.) like Spanish membrillo (quince paste.) Also delicious on toast spread with cream cheese.
PG B. February 26, 2015
Lovely, unfortunately many places use a very poor quality guava paste, which is radiant red. Manchego and Chedder are excellent pairings. Usually bakeries use a subpar cream cheese and a hydrogenated dough.

Your recommendation are great, and the comparison to quince is spot on.


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Pinup I. February 14, 2012
Guava turnovers!!! Add a little mascarpone cheese on the inside before you bake them!!
PG B. February 26, 2015
We also call these Pastelitos. Various companies add food coloring to their paste, while others rely on the natural guava color.
Panfusine February 13, 2012
I just spread it on toast!
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