Caramel turned rock..lolz

I made caramel today with the recipe of salted caramel with pepitas, i followed each step very well . everything went well but once they cooled down they were a lot harder than expected. what could have gone wrong? Can I save this batch or not..We really like chewy..

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. February 22, 2012
Hooray! My batch was saved.. for trying out initially, I melted a little of it in microwave with a little bit of milk and it turned out really became caramel sauce. So, the next day I took the whole batch melted it over heat and added a little bit of cream. They came out exactly the way I wanted them to be...although this time I made them a little more soft, but far more consumable.,then cooled , dipped them into chocolate and garnished with roasted macadamia nuts and packed them in plastic and sent them all the way to India. Here's a picture of it.
Mr_Vittles February 22, 2012
Looks great Devangi! Congrats!!! ^0^
Mr_Vittles February 15, 2012
Your temperature was probably a bit too high. Your current batch is probably un-salvageable, but mighty tasty anyway.
Devangi R. February 15, 2012
I didn't mean to say rock, bu they stick a lot to teeth..not soft chewy..
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