I have 24 ounces of unsweetened soy milk opened and ready for use. Looking for suggestions for use!

The first 8 ounces were used for a delicious chocolate mousse. What shall I use the remainder for?



susan G. February 20, 2012
Basically, anything that uses milk tastes just fine to me with unsweetened soy milk --- I really prefer it. Just keep it in a cooler spot in the refrigerator and it will been good for a minimum of 10 days. (That's from my experience with the commercial soy milks in aseptic packing. Just be sure to shake before using, as the solids separate to the bottom.)
_Gretchen February 19, 2012
Bread pudding! That's an EXCELLENT idea! Thanks vvvanessa!
vvvanessa February 19, 2012
Bread pudding, either sweet or savory. Use it as the liquid for oatmeal or other hot cereals. I love it in smoothies or to thicken soups.
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