How do you make your own fruit gummies

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Sam1148 February 20, 2012
Interesting you ask this. As I just some gummies this weekend.

You need:
A couple of molds 2 dollars each 18 cavity molds at Michales craft store. I used the 'mint disk' style.
A squeeze bottle. Either from the craft store or 1 buck or so at wal-mart. The plastic kind like a 'mustard/ketchup squeeze bottle.
For the Gummie. I used Cherry Jello 1 pack, 2 packs of unflavored gelatin. 1/3 cup of water.

Let the dry stuff 'bloom' in the water for about 10 mins. Then heat to almost boiling. cool. Pour into the squeeze bottle..and put in the 'fridge about an hour. I got about 38 nickle sized gummy disks.Putting the squeeze bottle in a pot of very warm water for the second run.

I made mine a bit tart by adding 2 tsp of vitamins powder.
After they've cooled dust them with cornstarch, and more vita c powder.

Next time, I'll skip the jello and reduce some fruit juice to 1/3 cup..let cool and add 3 packets of gelatin..and see how that works. It's a good project. And with the vita c powder. it can be more like a vitamin chew.
Sam1148 February 20, 2012
Where's the edit button. (G). You first put the mixture in the squeeze bottle after it cools a bit, and then the squeeze bottle, and then the 'fridge.
You could probably do this with just the squeeze bottle, and non-stick parchment paper. or silpat. And just make 'snakes/worms' or spira-graph shapes.
Pretty good stuff IMHO. Especially with the vita c. But like I said the "jello" element was first run and next time I'll reduce juice and simple syrup, maybe some ginger syrup, with the vita C for 'energy' gummies.
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