What is quinoa?

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violist February 28, 2012
Use it as you would rice. Some need rinsing, but depending on the brand (not bulk) you may be able to skip this step. As with rice you need to add flavors.
beyondcelery February 28, 2012
I'm with pierino--quinoa is delicious! Try making tabooli using quinoa instead of bulgur. It's gluten-free, so that's also a benefit if you have gluten-sensitive guests. I really love it tossed with walnut oil, salt, black pepper, green onions, and sometimes feta or parmesan. I made some last Sunday to go alongside a Turkish lamb and apples stew. Yum yum yum.
pierino February 28, 2012
Unlike my pal Mr Vittles, I really like quinoa and I've made some converts by tarting it up a bit. The first thing is not to overcook it. It should not be a mush. When it finishes add in things like toasted pinenuts, chopped scallions, a dash of Basque hot sauce and so on. Drizzle with some olive oil. I like using black quinoa to stuff roasted red peppers.
Mr_Vittles February 28, 2012
It is a "super" food. And has a unique texture, not unlike fish eggs. I don't really like it, but will sometimes eat it nonetheless because of its health benefits.
Panfusine February 28, 2012
A seed (not cereal) that is native to South America, Its still used primarily as a grain & has the highest protein content of all grains. more details on wikipedia.
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