Meet Our Residents

Photo by Ty Mecham

Hey there, Food52er! Welcome to our Residents hub, where you can get to know our community of experts—from pastry pros to cocktail connoisseurs—and explore their top recipes and videos. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned home cook, our Residents are here to guide on you on what's guaranteed to be a delicious adventure.

Dan Pelosi

Dan—aka GrossyPelosi—travels around New York City (and beyond) exploring the secrets behind treasured family recipes and sharing his discoveries on The Secret Sauce. Outside of illuminating the ingredients behind irresistible dishes like Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings, Dan shares his own crowd-pleasing recipes like Bimby’s Giambotta and Festive Golden Beet Dip.

Lo Mai Gai

Erin Jeanne McDowell

Erin is a recipe developer, cookbook author, and (luckily for us) F52's Resident Baking BFF. When she’s not giving us pointers and pep talks on her show Bake It Up A Notch, she’s likely sharing A+ recipes, like her All Butter Pie Crust Dough or Grilled Flatbread. Erin has been sharing her encyclopedia of baking knowhow with the Food52 community since 2009.

How to Make Frostings, Icings & Glazes

John deBary

John deBary is our Resident expert on all things drinks. Drawing on his sprawling knowledge of cocktails, radlers, and teas, his show Drink What You Want reminds us that the best bevs are playful, joyful, and fun—no matter the season or occasion.

Your New Favorite Alcohol-Free Cocktail: Reviver Royale

Kristen Miglore

Kristen is a writer, editor, and prolific hunter of the internet’s smartest, most talked-about recipes. Her best discoveries are compiled in her James Beard Award-nominated Genius Recipes column—and when you become hooked (it's inevitable), Kristen’s accompanying cookbooks, like her latest, Simply Genius, are required reading.

Jacques Pépin's Maman's Cheese Soufflé

Lucas Sin

Lucas Sin—the chef behind Junzi Kitchen, a fast-casual Chinese spot based in the Northeast—is our go-to Resident for improving foundational skills in the kitchen, like steaming eggs, stir-frying greens, and searing tofu. In 2020, he was also on Forbes' list of 30 Under 30 (yes, we're impressed!).

How to Pan-Fry Tofu 2 Ways

Mandy Lee

A member of the Food52 community since 2013, cookbook author and recipe developer Mandy Lee's dishes use unexpected pairings to bring surprise and delight into our home kitchens. Her Miso-Stewed Beef French Dip and Mochi Bread Doughnuts With Salted Honey & Cardamom are two delicious places to start.

How to Make the Crispiest, Juiciest Chicken

Melina Hammer

The chef and owner of Hudson Valley’s Catbird Cottage, Melina Hammer is a hosting pro. She serves her guests seasonally informed dishes, like Porcini & Ricotta Quiches and Chile-Garlic Chicken With Spinach Pesto Pasta, and has been sharing the recipes behind them with the Food52 community since 2014.

The Easiest Weeknight Wild Salmon & Fried Sage Gremolata

Rick Martínez

Rick is a cookbook author, recipe developer, and big fan of spicy-sweet flavor combos. When he’s not exploring his beautiful and delicious surroundings along the Mexican Pacific coast or making us giggle during an episode of Sweet Heat, he’s likely sharing innovative versions of classic dishes like Beef Wellington and birthday cake.

Mole Sencillo