Favorite coffee makers?

We need a new coffee maker....what are your favorites?

Stephanie G


Mr_Vittles March 5, 2012
Please do yourself a favor and do not buy Keurig or Nespresso. They are way overpriced and make mediocre to bad coffee. Of course, I will completely 180 for a second and say that if you try it and can afford it AND like it then by all means pick one up. All I am saying is that for the money you cannot beat the new kid on the coffee maker block, BONAVITA, just google it and see all the rave reviews these little machines are getting and at $130, they are quite a steak considering the next best option, Technivorm is starting at $250. Why are the Bonavitas so good, consistency. They brew at the correct temperature ( 195-205 deg F) and have a good, even drip system.
Bill F. March 5, 2012
Depends on your needs. My wife drinks strong coffee and I am to limit my caffeine intake so a Kuerig is ideal. Plus after it is turned on you can make a cup in less than a minute.
creamtea March 4, 2012
love that idea. Sumatran beans are unmatched.
ChrisBird March 4, 2012
I use a $29 Aeropress. Uses more coffee than other approaches, but fantastic. Also roast my own beans with a Behmoor 1600 roaster. I use Sumatran beans, roasted just into second crack. My source for all things coffee is sweetmarias.com.
Esther P. March 4, 2012
We have a nespresso too... Before we had it, hubby would make coffee, and I'd be left with the clean up... Pods are quick, easy, and clean! Nespresso aso taste good, wide range of strengths. I still keep a cone and filters, and theres an aeropress for the occasional pour over for when we see some beans we'd really like to try.
creamtea March 4, 2012
I just pour over a cone (Haruni) into a thermal carafe or a Melitta over the cup, stirring the wet grounds. I do let the boiling water cool a bit first. Secret is the freshest beans and a home grinder.
creamtea March 5, 2012
I meant Hario
sheredel March 4, 2012
Keurig its expensive to buy those k-cups and YES thank goodness starbucks now makes them, even more expensive than the others, but no mess no fuss just darn good HOT consistent, no mess no fuss..
BoulderFoodie March 4, 2012
I read an enlightening article recently about the price of coffee when using pods and capsules. Add it up and it can cost in the range of $50 a lb! http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/08/dining/single-serve-coffee-brewers-make-convenience-costly.html?_r=1&ref=dining
BoulderFoodie March 4, 2012
Being one who loves strong, bold coffee I use a French press.
Greenstuff March 4, 2012
Me too--French press. I recently went through a bout of trying some machines, and I'm really happy using French presses. Inexpensive enough to have several, no big machine on the counter, and good coffee. My machines are stored away, and I pull them out for parties.
bigpan March 4, 2012
Nespresso, but we only drink espresso and caps. It's pressure is about 25% more than virtually all US or European made machines.
jmburns March 4, 2012
I have had a Cuisinart for years and have been very happy. Www.onekingslane.com has close out Cuisinart electrics on sale now, including the single serve version.
kakelly01 March 4, 2012
I love my Capresso with the built in grinder. It has lasted for years making 3-4 pots a day. Adjustable grinder. They make a glass carafe and a thermal carafe.
Greenstuff March 4, 2012
Do you mean the built in burr grinder? If so, that one did not work for me. It really can't handle dark, greasy beans.
Lori K. March 4, 2012
moccmaster. i bought mine at william sonoma. best coffee anywhere.
mainecook61 March 4, 2012
Amen. It really is the best. You can buy it straight from the company, too.
For just the two of us, however, I use a French press.

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KateMonteiro March 4, 2012
I have tried almost all makes/ models of coffee makers. Grinders, drip cone/ basket. I purchased a Keurig and love it!! Hot coffee and all strengths. Starbucks is now making Keurig pods.
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