I am making sweet potato fries in the oven for my grandson. I would like to know if a good reliable cutter is available for cutting them.

I purchased a Zyliss french fry cutter, and it is not able to cut sweet potatoes in any effective way.



sawbones March 12, 2012
Thanks, I have not seen them as I usually just buy fresh food so I don't get down that isle mu
ch, certainly will try it!
sstiavetti March 12, 2012
I'm thinking of something all metal, similar to these:

sstiavetti March 12, 2012
Sweet potatoes are so hard that you'll have a hard time finding a consumer cutter that will slice them into fried. I'd recommend cutting them by hand or trying a heavier commercial cutter.

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hardlikearmour March 11, 2012
You could use a mandoline with a julienne cutter of your desired size if you've got it. Otherwise a chef's knife will do the trick. Just try to make all of them an even thickness so they cook at an even rate.
sawbones March 12, 2012
thanks for the answer. I do appreciate it!
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