Where to Stay/Eat in Scotland?

I'm planning a trip to Scotland this summer, with a brief stop in London. Have been to London enough before that we have that covered, unless someone has a recommendation for a great place to stay, but we need some help with restaurants, inns, hotels, etc. in Edinbourough, Glasgow, the Highlands, Skye etc. Anyone out there have recommendations? Thanks!



healthierkitchen June 26, 2012
Just wanted to thank everyone who provided ideas and thoughts. We are just back and though we had fewer days in Scotland than we hoped and couldn't quite get to the isle of Skye, we did get a little taste of Edinburgh and the Highlands. Highly recommend the town of Pitlochry and the Torrdarach B & B as well as Auld Smiddy's for dinner. We had terrific Indian food in Edinburgh and some good pub food.
Fifer March 28, 2012
A couple of recommendations, with the caveat that it's been five or six years since I stayed & dined at either:
And this one, I've never been to personally, but my parents always go there to celebrate special occasions, and speak very highly of both the accomdations & food:
All three are away from the bigger cities, in beautiful parts of the country. Enjoy your trip!
healthierkitchen March 26, 2012
Thanks for all the tips everyone!
beyondcelery March 26, 2012
The Isle of Skye has what we termed the "Little Old Lady B&B Hotline." When we went a few years ago, we just arrived in Portree mid-afternoon without reservations and stopped at the first B&B we saw. The Little Old Lady there couldn't take us, but told us to wait a moment while she went into the next room to ring her neighbor, who also ran a B&B. THAT one couldn't take us, but knew who had rooms open. We were directed to a Little Old Lady whose house/B&B had an incredible view of the bay. (This was all in the summer, in the middle of tourist season.) The Little Old Lady we stayed with was wonderful. She even rattled off a rhyme (in a delicious brogue) about the cuckoo when we came back from seeing one in the wild:

The cuckoo comes in April
He sings his song in May
In June he changes his tune
In July he flies away.
And that's true enough.

[She couldn't say the rhyme without adding her last little bit, no matter how many times I asked her to repeat it.]
healthierkitchen March 26, 2012
Love that, Syronai! We are planning to go to the Isle of Skye - we haven't used that method since we had kids, although now that they're older maybe we'll give it a try again!
beyondcelery March 26, 2012
You'll have a wonderful time! I was traveling with my brother and parents, so there were 4 of us and this method still worked just fine on Skye. My brother and I were in our early 20s. It's an adventure that I'm sure your kids would appreciate. All the Little Old Ladies were really nice--very chatty and open. Have fun!
passifloraedulis March 26, 2012
I would buy innocent drinks as much as you can -- amazing smoothies and juices that are found at any local supermarket and many shops. They are one of my favorite brands:

creamtea March 26, 2012
That Whisky Castle sounds good. It's worthwhile to go to a tasting somewhere.
Don't miss the Tattoo if in Edinburgh in August. Amazing spectacle--quite stirring. Tartan-draped dragoons. Pipes and drums and some incredible performers (bands, dancers, etc.) from around the world. What I wouldn't give to see Top Secret again.
softpunk March 26, 2012
I recommend a stop at the Whisky Castle in Tomintoul, should you find yourself on the road between Inverness and Aberdeen. http://www.whiskycastle.com/

There are so many perfect little towns in the area, like Ballater and Braemar.
lloreen March 26, 2012
Try the British board on Chowhound - they usually have excellent restaurant reviews by people who are obsessive foodies.
pierino March 26, 2012
The Hotel Carlton is pretty swank. Just below Edinburgh Castle.

Be sure to sample the haggis; perhaps Europe's oldest "sausage."

For entertainment in Glasgow I'd be looking for a soccer match featuring either Celtic or Rangers. But stay away from the "derby" match when they play each other.
healthierkitchen March 26, 2012
Is thye derby match like a subway series?
pierino March 26, 2012
Healthierkitchen, in a way it's like a subway series but Glasgow is a bit gritty. And the rivalry is more intense than just the Bronx vs Flushing. It's Catholic (Celtic) vs Protestant (Rangers); we're talking about stuff that predates the Yankees and Mets by centuries. That's why I recommend that you stay away from the derby matches (two teams from the same city). Maybe go see Celtic vs Hearts or something. The Scottish league is separate from the English league.
After that you go have some haggis and think of Robert Burns.
Fifer March 28, 2012
Got to chime in here, and say that it's probably not fair to say Glasgow is "a bit gritty". Like any city, it has it's rougher spots, but also some wonderful areas too. However, I would hesitate to ever recommend a Celtic or Rangers soccer match to a tourist, Old Firm match or not. Probably wouldn't give the best of impressions of my home country. :-)
healthierkitchen March 26, 2012
thanks creamtea and Esther Plume! Esther - what is LEJOG?
Esther P. March 26, 2012
I should mention we stayed at the Clan MacDuff, and enjoyed eating at the Crannog Seafood restaurant, complete with a very odd local wine that they offer with the cheese course!
Esther P. March 26, 2012
If you're hiring a car and want a reasonably convenient base to explore from, we found Fort William a good option. We spent a holiday doing LEJOG, and a few other mainland compass point extremities, and found Ft Wm to have lots to do and see nearby. I recommend trip advisor for up to date reviews on hotels...the place we stayed was great, but a lot can change in a couple of years!
creamtea March 25, 2012
Here is Rabbie's website:
creamtea March 25, 2012
This site was very helpful for us when we went to Scotland:
We got our accommodations through the site. the rating system we found to be reliable. We stayed in B&B's as well as serviced apartments (when in Edinborough). Spacious serviced apartment was clean and spacious; we had an excellent kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a living/dining area and a combo washer-dryer. More reasonable than a hotel room. We also hired a car and a knowlegeable driver/guide through Rabbie's because we didn't want to drive ourselves. They also have small group tours--well worth considering, or at least getting ideas from as to where to go! We went through the highlands to Inverness for several days, visiting castles and Lochs, etc. Loved it all.
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