Soup Recommendations - filling enough for a meal.

I love making big batches of soup and eating them for several days, but I find that most soups are not fulfilling enough to be a whole meal. I love Nancy Jo's Summer Corn Chowder, but would greatly appreciate recommendations for other soups to try. Thanks!

  • Posted by: SarahK
  • October 10, 2011


oldkitcheninflatbush October 12, 2011
I make my grandmother's chicken noodle soup with a whole chicken so there is plenty of meat. I serve the noodles separately and then when we get to the bottom of the pot after two meals I put the remains in the freezer and when defrosted (the next week) I make chicken pot pie with a frozen puff pastry crust and some peas thrown in for a quick weeknight dinner.
mensaque October 11, 2011
I meant CRASH on the couch...Where's the "edit this answer" option when you need it these days?
mensaque October 11, 2011
I make a mean tomato soup (No false modesty,right?) filling enough that you'll want to crush on the couch and take a nap.Boil some tomatoes hole(stick them with a fork first)in meat broth.When they're soft,blend and sift.(I usually don't sift cause I don't like it smooth,I like the bits and rags.)Separately,saute in olive oil some diced bacon,lots of onions,garlic,diced carrots,green peas,ground beaf,and lots of spices(I mean a bit of every single spice and herb you have in the house)not in any way leaving cumin and pepper out!As if it were not enough,add a generous splash of worcestershire sauce,some ketchup and some tabasco sauce.Bring the tomatoes into the party,and add a splash of any kind of wine vinager you have.Fix the salt and sugar-you heard it-and if you need more color,add tomato sauce from a can or jar and don't tell anyone,not even under torture!Let it simmer for a few minutes and don't doubt it...Have some faith!
mensaque October 11, 2011
WHOLE,the tomatoes were suposed to be WHOLE!But still make holes with a fork,ok?Please "bare" in mind English is not my first language! Hahaha!
tucsonbabe October 11, 2011
Get some spanish dry chorizo , slice it into half moons and saute it in a bit of olive oil very slowly(it tends to smoke). Then remove the chorizo and set aside. Saute whatever mirepoix you are using in the chorizo oil. Continue with any soup recipe (bean, lentil, vegetable, chicken...whatever) and add the reserved chorizo at the end.
mainecook61 October 11, 2011
Portugese kale soup. Lots of recipes online.
AntoniaJames October 11, 2011
I'm making my French Country Soup for dinner tonight. I put it a ham shank in this batch, with kale as the greens. This holds well and works perfectly as a one-dish meal. ;o)
Sam1148 October 10, 2011
I love a good French Onion Soup with gruyere cheese on toast on top and more toast point on the side with salad.
sdebrango October 10, 2011
Here is one more:
ChefJune October 10, 2011
Here's another whole-meal soup from food52:

and also this one, especially if you add the scallops and/or sausage:
SarahK October 10, 2011
Thanks, everybody. These are great suggestions and I'm excited to start experimenting!
SKK October 10, 2011
Yes to what everyone has said and this is our favorite and it holds up well and freezes really nicely!
JessicaBakes October 10, 2011
I love adding beans and meat to soups to bulk them up. Rice or noodles too! Try kale, white beans, butternut/kabocha and sausage along with any other of your favorite vegetables. Play with different types of sausage and seasonings to suit your tastes
AntoniaJames October 10, 2011
My Lentil and Sausage Soup for a Cold Winter's Night and Red Lentil and Cauliflower Soup
are both great for dinner. I created both with that in mind. My Roasted Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup also works. You'd want a salad though on the side, no doubt, for a bit more color. Lentils don't hold up that well for more than three or four days, so freeze what you don't eat within that time. I don't care much for the texture of carrots after frozen, so I typically make a double batch up to the point where the carrots are added, then freeze half. I add the veggies later. Or, I strip mine (remove) the cooked carrots before freezing, and then lightly steam a few and add them to the soup after defrosting the frozen batch. I could live on soups! Have fun. ;o)
boulangere October 10, 2011
We're making this one today and adding some leftover roast turkey to it..
Aimless October 10, 2011
I live alone and love to cook, so soups make a lot of sense for me. A stracciatella (italian egg drop with garlic, lemon, and sauteed chopped spinach) is in my regular rotation.I get a 13-bean soup mix in a bag that is delicious and plenty filling for a meal, especially with some parmesan and simple toasted croutons that i make and stock in my freezer. I just finished off a huge pot of Borscht, recipe from the Victory Garden vegetable cook book. I do a luscious chicken soup, heavy on mushrooms and leeks. It's soup season.
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