cooking with dessert wine

I have some Yalumba Museum Reserve dessert wine that I just don't love to drink on its own--it has a very raisin-y flavor. Any recipe suggestions for an unboozy-tasting dish? My family doesn't like the taste of alcohol (so I think no cakes/fruit-poaching).



I love to use madeira and masala and other sweet fortified wines to deglaze mushrooms.
brooklynite March 27, 2012
Thank you all for your ideas--the pork and mushroom suggestions sound good!

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ChefOno March 27, 2012
I like Amanda's idea, maybe a reduction with prunes, a little vinegar to balance. Or apples, cinnamon and pecans.
Amanda H. March 26, 2012
How about using it in a pan sauce for pork chops or roasted pork?
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