More wine please?

I hope I don't tell too much here: I like to drink wine and when it's a party, I do sometimes drink more than I meant to.

In the summer, I make a spritzer with white wine and maybe a little fruit juice and sparkling water, and life is good. I'd like something more wintery, with red wine, but haven't found the right combination. Please note, I'm not looking for a punch that is going to add more alcohol (I like those too, but I'm trying to go in a different direction here), but something enjoyable to drink that helps stretch an evening with good friends. Thoughts?

  • Posted by: Nora
  • December 27, 2010


WayneB December 30, 2010
In Germany this time of year, they drink a red wine concoction called Gluehwein. You can get it in most liquor stores or you can make your own It's great served hot on cold days with with a stick of cinnamon in the cup when friends come over. You don't need to use an expensive wine to make it either. About any red wine will work.
Sasha (. December 29, 2010
Ha ha Nora - it's not for everyone, but I thought I'd share. I love trying unusual recipes from other countries. Sometimes they are a flop but more often than not I'm pleasantly surprised. Good luck!
Nora December 28, 2010
Some good ideas--except that wine and cola thing. My husband had a college roommate from China who put Coke on his cereal. To each his/her own...but I'm inclined to like the Campari and soda and the Sangria ideas best so far. I so think of Sangria as a summer thing, I hadn't thought of it for winter but now I'm imagining pom seeds, maybe some imagination needed a kickstart!

But keep 'em coming, y'all!
Jon P. December 28, 2010
The red wine and cola drink is called a calimocho in Spain. Just another fun fact.
pierino December 28, 2010
Campari and soda? It's not wine but it does have a lower alcohol content.

You can also use the Campari later on for Negroni which would have more of a kick because it's a gin based cocktail.
nutcakes December 28, 2010
Have you tried a Sangria type concoction with red wine mixed with orange and lemon juice, sugar to taste, club soda to lighten and sliced fruits (orange, lemon, apple, pear in whatever combo) to nibble on?
hardlikearmour December 27, 2010
Here are some good recipe ideas: or or if you want a white wine option
Sasha (. December 27, 2010
In eastern Europe they drink something called Bambus - it's a mixture of red wine and cola ... usually 1:1 ratio. They often use cheap red wine and the cola is meant to cover up the sour taste. You don't really need a recipe, but for a bit more info, here's my post on it how I liked it.
Kayb December 27, 2010
I've had a sort of mulled wine that added fruit juices -- apple or cranberry -- and spices. Another trick I try to do is to alternate glasses of wine with glasses of water.
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