What are ramps? I found a recipe that calls for them and am curious to see if they are the same as Walla Walla spring salad onions?

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creamtea March 27, 2012
You can sometimes find them at greenmarkets or specialty produce markets. They are delicious. Very garlicky, only better and with a "greener" flavor.
ChefJune March 27, 2012
They're wild leeks, and while they look a little like scallions, they have more "character," imho. As Panfusine said, their window of opportunity is very brief, although they can be preserved by pickling.

Some restaurants seem to have them longer than they are actually in the markets.
Panfusine March 27, 2012
nope, Ramps are a wild variety of onions which are foraged rather than cultivated. They kind of resemble scallions but with a deep garlic flavor & broad green leaves tinged with pink. They're in season for a very short time in spring. Here's the wikipedia entry. Hope it helps
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