Can cream cheese frosting be left unrefrigerated over night (for almost 24 hours)?

Is it safe to frost cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting & leave them out until they are served at my son's school tomorrow afternoon? Or do I need to refrigerate the frosting and frost the cupcakes in the morning? If so, what's a quick & easy way to soften the refrigerated frosting?

  • Posted by: Randi
  • April 1, 2012


mrslarkin April 1, 2012
i agree with lloreen. They'll be fine overnight, as long as it's a cool room. I'd cover them, or stick them in a box tonight.
lloreen April 1, 2012
I'd say yes, they will be fine. The frosting is just cream cheese and sugar, right? Just make sure your kitchen isn't so warm that the frosting melts.
Randi April 1, 2012
The frosting does have some butter & a little milk in it as well, but mostly cream cheese & sugar.
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