Looking for a creative rum cocktail. Any ideas? It's warm and sunny here in souther ca and we're having friends over for an early dinner.

We'll be outside on the rooftop deck!

Wellington Wizard
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ChefOno April 3, 2012
It's spring. Try a variation on a mojito (or better yet, a caipirinha) by adding fresh basil.
Midge April 3, 2012
The ancient mariner is a new favorite in our house. You do need one obscure ingredient though --allspice dram--but it does makes the drink.

beyondcelery April 3, 2012
I created this one for a Hindenburg party (A Celebration in Memoriam of the Hindenburg Disaster).

Tesla's Coil
1oz spiced rum, 1oz blueberry rum, .5oz ginger syrup, splash lemon juice, ginger ale, twist lemon peel

Blueberry rum is just white or spiced rum with blueberries soaked in it. It's very flavorful if you soak them for a couple of weeks, but a couple of hours will still give you a nice flavor, especially if you use frozen blueberries. Ginger syrup is simple syrup with about 2-inches raw ginger added at the beginning for 1 cup water. Your rooftop deck is amazing!
AndyFL April 3, 2012
My wife's carribean favorite is real simple - pineapple juice and coconut rum
HalfPint April 3, 2012
How about a mojito? http://latinfood.about.com/od/beverages/r/mojito.htm
LeBec F. April 3, 2012
do you like cardamom? i make this recipe, steeping my rum way in advance, but you can punt by adding cracked or ground seeds into the drink directly.

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