Need suggestions for cocktail hour.

I'm hosting a cocktail hour for my daughter's school; it's a fund-raiser. They pay to attend the event (they go from our cocktail hour to another house for dinner, then to a 3rd house for dessert), and I provide the food & drink. There will be about 25 people. The food should be pretty light as they are going to a real dinner after, and there needs to be drinks. I need some creative suggestions for what to serve. I can do anything at all. I can just have wine & beer, or I can get really creative. I need ideas for the food and the drinks. I'm open to almost anything! It shouldn't be too crazy expensive or difficult though. Thanks in advance!



Nancy January 31, 2015
make canapes with one to three familiar middle east or Mediterranean spreads like hummus, baba ganouj, tzatziki. Keeps cost down and appetiyes ready for next course. Make them party-worthy with abundant, colorful, deluxe garnishes... Kalamata olives, pomegranate arils (aka seeds), good unusual pickles, like cauliflower. Add dustings or m-e or north Africa spice blends, like zaatarr or berbere. and/or harissa hot sauce. Have whatever drink you like, plus one house cocktail from the med, like one based on Aral or campari.
Nancy January 31, 2015
Not Aral. Arak...licorice/anise flavored.
Pegeen January 31, 2015
There are a bunch of ideas on this recent Hotline thread:
CanadaDan January 31, 2015
For if groups I often make ceviche. I use tilapia which is not only great for ceviche but also cheap. Add some lemon, lime and grapefruit juices and let marinade for about 2-3 hrs. Drain and add red onion,mango, avocado,parsley or cilantro,maybe some heat with a jalapeño and maybe some citrus supremes. Keep the bowl on ice so it stays cool and serve with some
crustini. And it can all be made ahead of time.
Nora January 31, 2015
Had not thought of tilapia for ceviche, but makes perfect sense. I'm glad we're having this conversation!
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