Kochukaru substitution?

Does anyone have a good kochukaru (Korean chili powder) substitution?

Kristen W.


taxidog July 11, 2013
You could try Japanese togarashi.
Kristen W. April 17, 2012
I'm a total novice with Korean food and was trying bulgogi for the first time with flat steak. I came across kochukaru when I was researching sides to go with it and found a scallion salad that called for it. Since I didn't get the response to my query in time (my fault since I didn't mark it "urgent"), I just went with some quick-pickled radish and cucumber with lettuce leaves and rice (next time I'll plan ahead in time to make kimchi).

Dunno how authentic my meal was, but I thought it was tasty!
BoulderGalinTokyo April 18, 2012
And isn't all that really matters, you made it well and it was tasty.
nutcakes April 16, 2012
Care to share what you're making? I'm into Korean food lately but have only made premarinated meats and Kimchi and pork belly jjigae (soup).
Kristen W. April 16, 2012
Very kind of you to offer! There's a Ranch 99 about a half-hour from me where I think I could probably find it -- I just didn't have time to run out there before making the meal I was planning. Thanks for the offer, though!
nutcakes April 16, 2012
I live near an HMart and can send you some if you like.
susan G. April 16, 2012
The ground chile pepper that I bought at H Mart surprised me with its mildness. Perhaps there are different types?
Kristen W. April 16, 2012
Great, thanks.
pierino April 16, 2012
I'm crazy about Korean cuisine but it can be challenging to find the ingredients. Yes, cayenne or even red pepper flakes. You might look at the HMart website---a chain of Korean supermarkets---and possibly you can buy it online. But this is one of those easily substitutable ingredients.
Kristen W. April 16, 2012
babytiger April 15, 2012
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