What is a good substitute for cayenne?

I just ran out of cayenne in my pantry. I do, however, have chipotle, New Mexican, ancho, Korean, chili flakes, whole chili peppers. Would any of these work in jambalaya? Or, should I just add heat via Crystal hot sauce?

Darlene Carrigan


AniQuadros July 31, 2013
I would go for chipotle for sure.
Darlene C. July 31, 2013
Thanks for all suggestions. After doing quick comparison sniff test of the empty cayenne container, and all the other peppers, I did end up using the Cyrstal and New Mexican combo. Jambalaya was delicious.
pierino July 30, 2013
From your pantry, and for jambalaya, I would say that the New Mexican would be the best match with Crystal.
Kate July 30, 2013
Chili flakes would work, too (different texture, though, but that shouldn't assert itself too much in a jambalaya)
Meaghan F. July 30, 2013
Crystal is a cayenne-based sauce; that, plus maybe a little but of the chipotle or adobo for some smokiness, would be great in jambalaya.
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