ice cream

when making an ice cream with fruit juice, what is the proper way to incorporate the juice without having a crystally end product? Im thinking of make a strong reduction and adding to my custard.



meulenbeld May 1, 2012
Sorry. Auto correction. Reducing does indeed mean you can use less suger.
meulenbeld May 1, 2012
The thing to do is to use 40% of suger to your total volume. If you want your ice cream less sweet, use more fat (cream, butter), dry ingredients (milk powder) or for instance gelatine. Reducing your fruit coulis enhances taste and indeed The brede smout of sigaret.
drbabs May 1, 2012
That's a good idea. Also, use heavy cream (more fat than in milk or half and half), let your mixture get very cold before you run it through your ice cream freezer, and add about an ounce of alcohol to the mixture. All those will help prevent crystal formation.
ChefJune May 1, 2012
drbabs has the right idea here. I was going to say use cream instead of milk in the recipe.
ChefOno May 1, 2012


ChefOno May 1, 2012
I mean ditto to drbabs. Well, both really.
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