With a fruit crumble or crisp--whipped cream or ice cream?

I'm planning to make individual blueberry crisps/crumbles. I normally serve both crisps/crumbles and blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. I happen to have some lovely organic heavy cream on hand--can anyone speak from experience about how whipped cream would work instead of ice cream?



aussiefoodie July 9, 2016
Jennifer July 8, 2016
Thanks to all for courage to forego my customary ice cream with the crisp/crumble. I appreciated the purity of those who advocated unwhipped cream (esp. because the local organic cream is so so good), but my German-American grandmother was an advocate of desserts "mit schlag," so I went that route. I took Phil's suggestion of flavoring the whipped cream with lemon (I didn't look up a recipe, just improvised with some zest, a touch of juice, a bit of sugar). It was great! Thanks all!
Rachel July 6, 2016
Whipped cream, heavy cream infused, mixed with yogurt or left alone and served plain are all great. I much prefer it to ice cream.

If I were you, I'd lightly whip it with a tiny bit of sugar and just a bit of vanilla. Alternatively orange blossom water would be good.

Nancy July 6, 2016
Another possibility it to mix some of the heavy cream with some sour cream or yogurt. The heavy cream can be whipped or not, plain or sugared. And the combined crema could be as is, with a little bit of vanilla, brandy or spice to taste.
AntoniaJames July 6, 2016
With great organic heavy cream like that, I'd simply pass it in a small pitcher, as is, not sweetened, not flavored or infused, and let people drizzle it on.

Good cream is such a treat, as is - and in this country, an unexpected one as well. ;o)
QueenSashy July 6, 2016
I love when ice cream melts over the warm crumble and creates this creamy "liquidy" feeling, so I would go a different route -- a no-whip route. I would infuse the heavy cream with herbs (basil works beautifully with blueberries) and perhaps dilute it a bit with milk so that it is not super heavy (depending on the cream you have). And then just let folks pour a little bit over the crumble. I do this often and my friends love it...
C S. July 6, 2016
Whipped cream will be great, it's a tried and true option.
PHIL July 6, 2016
Whipped cream is great too. You can also flavor the cream to complement the fruit, like lemon cream with berries or cinnamon whipped cream with apples. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
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