canning recipe for apriums

I'm getting a large box of apriums this coming weekend and while I know I can probably use a jam, butter or preserve recipe for apricots or plums with them, I'm wondering if any of you has a recipe developed specifically for apriums? Thanks!

Diana B


Diana B. May 9, 2012
And you would know, janet, if you'd read the rest of the replies.
janet S. May 9, 2012
I would if I knew what it was.
Diana B. May 9, 2012
Well, SeaJambon, here in Southern California, a lot of them have been hail-damaged, but with jam, it hardly matters, eh? For some oddball reason, I didn't realize that pluots and apriums were the same hybrid - I wonder why the two different names (although I must say aprium is a bit easier to say than pluot...). Thanks, all!
ChefJune May 9, 2012
Aprium may be easier to say, but it sounds a lot like an outdoor space in a building. Just sayin'... ;)

Me, I'm waiting for apricots!
SeaJambon May 9, 2012
Don't know why, but suddenly the thought of grilled pluots is filling me with longing...

Diane B - don't know where you live, but here in the not-so-sunny NW, we won't be seeing local pluots for about two more months. Sigh.
SKK May 9, 2012
Pluots have always been a mystery - why someone would want to take a perfectly great plum and a perfectly great apricot and combine them into a pluot, and then leave room for debate as to what % is each - confounds me. You can waterbath can pluots following the same directions for plums or apricots.
Other than that, any recipe using plums or apricots would be wonderful. Ice cream, relishes, sorbets, drinks, grilled, roasted, mashed. No limits.
SeaJambon May 9, 2012
I just googled "pluot jam recipes" (that's the name I know them by, too) and there were LOTs of options. You may want to google "canning pluots" too, in case you decide to simple can them in syrup.
Reiney May 8, 2012
I can't give any advice on the question, but I had to look up what an aprium was and thought I'd share. It's also known as a pluot for those who are familiar with that fruit.
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