Plum jelly

I've got damsons macerating overnight for jam and am hunting for a reliable plum jelly recipe for the rest of my stash - mostly because I can't bear to pluck any more of those tiny pits out of each juicy little orb. Looking for something a bit more interesting that just making plum juice and adding sugar, lemon and pectin. Suggestions?

  • Posted by: jwlucas
  • August 25, 2012


mainecook61 August 26, 2012
Sorry to reply after the plan. I put in a pretty strong glug of rum when I am making jam from Italian prune plums---like a cup. The jam does not taste like rum, just delicious. I see that Ferber, in Mes Confitures, has a recipe with gewurtztraminer.
jwlucas August 26, 2012
OK, I think I've got a plan. I'm going to use a bottle of sweet-ish Reisling (and water) to make the plum juice. I'm pretty sure I have enough for two batches, so I will use cinammon for one and orange in the other. Many thanks to all of you kind cooks for offering suggestions.
jwlucas August 26, 2012
How very kind! I made peach butter with cardamon a few weeks ago that turned out quite nice. I saw a post that suggested an infusion of lemon verbana, which also sounds appealing. Will sleep on it and decide tomorrow.
Diana B. August 26, 2012
P.S. I just listed the items that were most strongly recommended. I should say that rum, which mainecook61 recommended, is in the rest of the list, which is pretty exhaustive (anise hyssop, anyone?). If you like the idea, add a bit toward the end and adjust to taste. Other alcohols in the list are gin, Kirsch, whiskey, dry red wine, white wine, dessert win, port wine, or plum wine.

Really, you need this book, and it won't break the bank:
Diana B. August 26, 2012
Some serious rummaging has unearthed my copy (housekeeping is not my strong suit...), and it sayeth: brandy; unsalted butter (not a good idea in canning); cardamom; cinnamon; cloves; ginger; honey; lemon; nutmeg; orange juice and zest; vanilla; balsamic or cider vinegar; walnuts.

If you do a lot of on-the-fly cooking or just like to innovate, this book is a must. The authors spent eight years surveying chefs on what flavors complement just about any food you can think of. I have used both cardamom and balsamic vinegar in making plum jam and it definitely made them tastier and more complex, so I can personally recommend those additions. You don't need much of the vinegar, because you don't want to taste it, particularly, you are using it to round out the flavor. Cardamom, I would add to taste; I love it, but not all are besotted by it. I would think the orange (juice, zest or both) would brighten the flavor, too.

Anyway, have fun and let us know what you wind up doing and how you like it!
jwlucas August 25, 2012
I don't have it and am not familiar with it as a resource, but you've got me curious now. If you can locate your copy, pleasde advise!
Diana B. August 25, 2012
I can't lay my hands on "The Flavor Bible" right now, but if you have it, you might look for those spices that are marked in bold for plums. If you don't have it, believe me when I say you want it!
mainecook61 August 25, 2012
Plum marries nicely with rum---at least in a jam.
jwlucas August 25, 2012
Do you just stir in a glug at the end?
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