Summer Cocktail?

looking for something relatively easy to make to serve to large party.



Cristina S. May 20, 2012
This is really easy when you have a big group:
Maedl May 19, 2012
Aperol Spritz! I think there is a recipe on the Aperol bottle, but I just pour a slug of Aperol into the biggest wine glass I can find and then add Prosecco until I like the color. I add a slice of orange, or, in a pinch, a sloce of lemon. Ice is nice if your Aperol isn't cold and you have a freezer big enou to store ice. (I don't--I am in Germany and my freezer is the size of a big purse.)
hardlikearmour May 19, 2012
The "Best Poolside Cocktail" contest has some great entries.
SKK May 19, 2012
This cocktail is light and pleasing
mrslarkin May 19, 2012
Here are some tasty recipes:

And this one's a favorite of mine:
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