Any favorite mandolines for all those summer veggies?

Particularly one that is easy to use and not too difficult to assemble

patty cay


HalfPint July 2, 2012
My mom always recommends any Japanese mandolin. Reasonably priced if not inexpensive, nice sharp blade, and lasts quite a while. She had hers for almost 25 years. I think she might still have it...
ellenl July 2, 2012
Years ago I bought a very, very inexpensive one---came with 3 different attachments that just click right in for julienne, thin slicces, and thicked that julienne. It's been great, I still use it several times a week, and serves me very well. Sorry, I don't know the brand, but I do remember that it was cheap.
bigpan July 1, 2012
I use the Japanese Benriener. I find the only difference between it and the stainless steel models is price.
A thin cut vegetable is - a thin cut vegetable.
(I used the money I saved for some nice wine...lots !)
Benny July 1, 2012
I have the Bron Original Stainless Steel Mandolin Slicer. I got mine at a restaurant supply store which gave a pretty nice discount to culinary students, which I happened to be at the time. I think I payed $60 for mine. that was about 3-4 years ago, and it will still take your finger tip off if given the chance. I use it several times a week.

This is one of those kitchen tools that I would tell you that its worth saving to get a high quality one.
Sam1148 July 1, 2012
No matter what Mandolin you purchase...they require a blood sacrifice at some point.
ScratchCook77 July 1, 2012
I've been using this MIU Professional for about 2 years, since nearly making waffle fries out of my fingers with a handheld mandoline that didn't have a food pusher. It requires no assembly, is very easy to clean, and the stand makes it nice for large quantities.
Pegeen July 1, 2012
Kyocera ceramic, for about $25. No need to spend more unless you're doing professional quantities.
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