How do you pick a good watermelon?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


TheFritschKitchen May 21, 2012
knock - it should sound hollow.

Look for sugar spots - brown spots and veins. This is the trick my grandpa uses, and he always has the sweetest watermelons!!
Melusine May 20, 2012
The "Melon Meter" app seems to work well according to friends, but I'm not quite capable of whipping out my iPad and thumping melons for it to analyze in public.
ChefOno May 20, 2012

The most reliable method requires a refractometer to test the field before harvest although I've seen a less expensive tool called a sledgeomatic demonstrated with very impressive results.

cookingProf May 20, 2012
If the spot that was resting on the ground is too pretty and presentable, the watermelon has not been sitting on the dirt too long and thus is not very ripe. Pick one whose underbelly spot shows its age. I have not had much luck with tapping or squeezing.
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