Can you pickle a watermelon

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Summer O. July 22, 2011
Frontalgirl - you are welcome! That poem brings me a world of memories, much like the poem, some real, some imagined. I can't hear the words 'watermelon pickle' and not think about it.
nogaga July 22, 2011
You can pickle watermelon rinds! I have been doing it all summer so far. I've been buying these beautiful, globular organic watermelons that are actually quite small, almost the size of a pomelo, and slicing the leftover rinds into even strips, then pickling them in a solution of one part cider vinegar and 2 parts water, plus a few sprigs of dill. Enjoy!
Frontalgirl July 22, 2011
Summer of eggplant, thank you for that beautiful poem!
Summer O. July 22, 2011
Yes, and it's also a wonderful poem
SKK July 22, 2011
Yes you can pickle a whole watermelon

I don't know why you would want to - the fruit of the melon is so good fresh and the rinds are so good pickled.
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