Why can't you make soup with pork meat?

Anyone tried?



Susie T. May 25, 2012
Wow, never heard you couldn't! I love Pho and Ramen broths made with pork. And if you're comin' down here to my neck of the woods (Texas), well Greens and Neck Bones with Pot Likker is one of the 8th wonders of the South!
Benny May 24, 2012
My Polish Mother-In-Law makes pork broths all the time, and many of her soups feature pork meat as well. I've never dis-liked anything she cooks and fat can always be removed from broth.
babytiger May 24, 2012
I actually much prefer a pork based stock than chicken based stock. In cooking Chinese soups, pork based soup has a sweeter quality to it.
ATL May 23, 2012
Pork tenderloin is very good in chili (not technically a soup) and a nice lean alternative to some cuts of beef.
davidpdx May 23, 2012
David Chang's Momofuku Ramen Broth made from a pork leg (plus some chicken legs and bacon) is outstanding! Time-consuming but easy to make. We used it to cook up green beans; as a base for noodle soups; to braise some mushrooms; whatever.
ChefJune May 23, 2012
Lots of bean soups are made with ham bones or ham hocks. That's certainly pork. I think there's a (oldd-time) perception that pork was fatty, and so the broth/stock would be too fatty. I've never heard of a consomme or bouillon made with pork, however.
Ophelia May 23, 2012
Cooking up pork bones (and fat and other bits) for broth does smell kind of funky, but makes good broth (a lot of ramen is made with pork broth, and may also contain slices of pork). Most split pea soup and clam chowder contain bacon or salt pork. Many soups also feature sausage, for both flavor and texture.
Probably most recipes don't call for the lower-fat cuts of pork though, except to be added at the end because they don't lend much flavor to the broth, and there's a point between just-done and slow-cooked-to-perfection when your meat is just tough-flavorless-protein-that-might-be-pork.
keel May 23, 2012
I forgot about ramens which is funny because that's my all time comfort food. There's nothig better than a hot, steaming bowl of ramen with a big slice of pork! Yum...
GIOVANNI50 May 23, 2012
Any cut really. Wasn't aware.
pierino May 23, 2012
Pork shoulder, pork neck bones, pig ears, trotters (feet)...Go on from there.

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keel May 23, 2012
Is there a particular cut of pork that you have in mind? There are a lot of soups that use pork. A very popular soup that uses pork is pozole.
pierino May 23, 2012
Yes, pozole would be the correct answer but then can head into Portuguese and Brazilian styles also.
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