Help!!! I have a vegan and a a person who doesn't eat red meat or pork. What do I make for Christmas that goes with a ham?



Anitalectric December 19, 2011
I think my entree of choice is going to be chiles en nogada this year. Traditionally, it is poblano peppers roasted and stuffed with all kinds of meat, dried fruit and spices...then smothered in a walnut sauce and topped with pomegranate seeds. It looks very holiday-ish with the green and white and red. (¡Viva Mexico!)

I think my version will have chipotle seitan inside instead of the meat, and/or marinated portabellas. I will post a recipe if I make it. Know that this does not help much since I don't have a recipe yet, but just thought it might get your creative juices flowing.
Kristy M. December 19, 2011
Here are a bunch of vegan recipes to satisfy both of your guests:
The S. December 19, 2011
If you do a search for Thanksgiving/Christmas vegetarian mains I bet you'll find stuff. Fine Cooking had a beautiful looking polenta torta for Thanksgiving. Anything like that, dairy and egg free of course, will go with ham. Or what about a bean dish? That matches ham. Also, would you feel comfortable inviting your guest to bring a dish?
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