Just wanted to start co-ordinating the meet up with KitchenButterfly when she visits us in New York

Picnic Potluck, suggestions for dishes? where? Would love it if the F52 team could join us as well, Amanda, Merrill, Peter, Nozlee, Brett...



Devangi R. June 23, 2012
Okie, I think I can make it ! But, if I come by 1 or 1.30, where should I catch up and approx how long are you girls hanging out in eataly! And, we are meeting for lunch that means no potluck! What's the final head count. Just asking.
Panfusine June 23, 2012
Yaay!!.. we should be either in Eataly (by the big espresso machine) or in Madison park opposite Eataly.
BoulderGalinTokyo June 23, 2012
I'm jealous!
Kitchen B. June 22, 2012
Excited.......see you all then. Thanks Panfusine for coordinating.
justpicked June 21, 2012
Hi All -- Is this open to anybody? Would love to come join you and meet some of the folks I've been following online face-to-face!
Panfusine June 21, 2012
It absolutely is!! Love to meet as many F52's as possible!
Peter June 20, 2012
Ah, if it's that early then alas, I'll miss it. Which is a shame 'cause Charlie was looking forward to meeting all of you!
Peter June 20, 2012
Alas, I too am out of town for a wedding... But we're driving back Sunday and might (very unlikely but might) be able to drive straight to the Meetup.

It's Madison Square Park, yes? What time?
drbabs June 20, 2012
Peter, see above. It's 12:30 at Eataly. I hope you can make it.
I may not be back from the beach by then...much needed quick vacation....if I get back in time, where will you be at Eataly?
Panfusine June 20, 2012
The only 'landmark that comes to mind is that HUGE espresso machine.. you can't miss it..
Midge June 20, 2012
So jealous! Can someone take pictures?
Panfusine June 20, 2012
Absolutely will!
drbabs June 20, 2012
Sounds great to me, too. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!
Sadassa_Ulna June 19, 2012
That sounds great to me. Thank you Panfusine, looking forward to it!
Panfusine June 19, 2012
Looking forward to catching up with all of you.. Sadassa_Ulna, DrBabs, meatballnmilkshakes, & of course KB!
Shall we say 12.30 pm @ Eataly?
Sadassa_Ulna June 17, 2012
I'm interested in coming in from Philadelphia; can you count me in?
Merrill S. June 16, 2012
Wish I could join you all, but sadly, we'll be out of town at a wedding.
drbabs June 16, 2012
Still hoping to be there. May have graduation party-- I'm out of town for te weekend and will know more when I get home tuesday. Thanks for coordinating this, Panfusine.
Was there any more planning on this? Is it still on?
Panfusine June 16, 2012
Yep, definitely still on.. I wanted to put up a reminder tomorrow.. But thanks for reviving the topic for me. This was a list of folks that were interested in meeting up from the previous post
Waiting for a head count to decide if we're meeting up at a restaurant or a potluck at Madison park..











Peter (of food52)

I can make it, I think!
creamtea June 7, 2012
:( we'll be in California then. Have fun, everyone.
Bevi June 7, 2012
And I will be in DC post wedding on the 23rd.
sdebrango June 7, 2012
OH NO, I probably have to work that Sunday. I will not know until next weekend whether or not I have to work. Sundays are always hard for me. What time?
Panfusine June 7, 2012
24th June..
Bevi June 7, 2012
What is the date?
ChefJune June 7, 2012
...and time?
Kitchen B. June 7, 2012
Am in.....of course. Very excited! Thanks Panfusine.
sdebrango May 31, 2012
I'm in! I can't remember the suggestions from KB's original post, High Line was suggested but i think restrictions made that difficult. Also I think Madison Square Park was suggested near Eataly.
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