Good morning...I just found your website while searching for recipes on how to cook chicken or beef using cardamom leaves. I have a cardamom plant...

..., about three years old, and three feet high, but has never had seeds. I'd like to know how to cook using the leaves.

jim Peterson
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Steak on Stone
Recipe question for: Steak on Stone

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SKK June 2, 2012
"The leaves of the green cardamom plant, roughly eight inches long, have all sorts of culinary uses. Some cooks mince them and add them to curry pastes; others use them like bay leaves, adding them whole to stews and braising liquids to add subtle zest and sweetness. You can also wrap fish or meat in cardamom leaves before grilling or roasting. The leaves will not only provide protection from the heat of the oven or grill and help to seal in moisture; they'll also impart a subtle cardamom fragrance to whatever you're cooking."
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